Codex Alera: MY FAVORITE!


“Open eyes are of little use when the mind behind them is closed.”
Jim Butcher, Princeps’ Fury


This series follows the main character Tavi through his journey in the enticing realm Jim Butcher has created. In this realm, most people have furies, magical being that are manifested through the persons strength, however Tavi is not a normal kid, he has yet to manifest his furies while those his age around him have already had years of practice with theirs. Without giving too much away, you will follow Tavi as he goes through life without furies and get swept away by his courage and honor as he develops throughout the books.

Why I love this book so much

I am a sucker for anything magical. In all honesty, you mention the word magic or powers and I’m in. This book captured me when the book introduced the furies, to me this was a new concept. The furies were based on the elements, (water, earth, fire and air) and manifest at a young age, I want to compare it to puberty, it can happen at any point. However, if the fury didn’t appear in someone before the age 16, they were considered abnormal.

This series also does a great job of adding in military strategies and realism. While I do enjoy a good magic duel, it was epic to be able to get a good amount of raw, brutal battles being waged from internal strife. I also really liked the politics that went on behind the scenes in these books. I’m not normally one that likes politics at all, but I do think it is necessary background when there are wars involved in the plot line.

I LOVE the fact that the main character wasn’t the most powerful person, this made me want to know more about where Tavi would end up. As the series develops, Tavi becomes stronger and more courageous as the realm faces some of the biggest threats they have seen in decades. The series does a great job of introducing new characters, that both challenge and accept Tavi at every stage he goes through. NOT TO MENTION there are a ton of totally bad ass female characters in the series as well.

Another main reason to love this series by Jim Butcher is that the writing in itself is amazing. The detail that is put into these books actually makes me feel like I am in the realm. When I read these books I can’t put them down, everything is laid out, I can picture every characters personalities perfectly. I can also picture how the realm is laid out with all the different stead holders lands, the high lords and the first lords.

There are also quite a few surprises thrown in there. But I’ll let you guys figure those out for yourselves!


If you love science fiction/ fantasy or military realism you HAVE to read this series. You get a little bit of everything, all while keeping the story line clear and to the point while painting a picture in your head, from the realm to the characters themselves!


Thanks for reading!

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